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Get top-quality home diesel in Wexford & Wicklow County with Kenny Fuels.

Here at Kenny Fuels, we understand how important Irish agriculture is to our country, and with this in mind we supply high-quality agricultural diesel in county Wexford & Wicklow. You no longer have to worry about where to buy your Agri diesel online, as you can order from us and enjoy our speedy next day delivery service.

Green HVO Diesel with Kenny Fuels

HVO stands for ‘hydrotreated vegetable oil’. HVO diesel is a renewable and sustainable biofuel which can be used today as a diesel replacement. Using this fuel rather than fossil-fuel diesel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by around 90% as well as reducing tailpipe emissions significantly, without compromising on quality.

HVO diesel is made from 100% renewable waste; it is clean, odourless, toxin-free, it is clear in colour and it is completely safe to store and use. So if you’re thinking about solutions in which to reduce your carbon footprint and go green, HVO diesel is the right choice.

Global warming is no secret, and we’re all doing our best to implement sustainable ways of living and working.

Below are some more positives you’ll benefit from making the change over the HVO diesel:

In the event of spillages, HVO diesel are removed from the soil quicker. The OECD 301B tests classifies HVO as rapidly biodegradable.

HVO has a higher flash point than diesel and is virtually free of unwanted components such as sulphur, metals, aromatics, and olefins, making it non-toxic and less harmful to the environment. It is safer to handle and store, and free of unpleasant odours.

Its cleaner-burning nature allows HVO fuel to have improved combustion properties over conventional crude oil derived diesel. This helps to reduce emissions of air pollutants, improve local air quality and supports meeting local environmental regulations.

GBF has reviewed 50 studies conducted by or for us and concluded the following:

Reduction in fine particulates of 25 to 50%
NOx reduction by 12 to 22%
CO reduction by 13 to 63%

HVO fuel can be used straight away in any machinery without the need for vehicle modifications.

HVO diesel has a higher cetane number which means that it has a better engine starting performance in lower temperatures, making it the ideal agri fuel choice for all the seasons.

We know how important the farming industry is in Wexford, Wicklow and the surrounding areas, so it means a lot to us that our customers get the best deal on our products, which is why we strive to make sure that our green HVO diesel price per litre is as low as possible. Order your HVO diesel today by filling out our order form, and we will get on to delivering it as close as tomorrow.