Latvian Kiln dried birch

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Birch gives THE picture-perfect flame. It’s easy to light, looks amazing and works great as a mixer wood
Single Decks weigh about 400KG, specs-wise they’re 0.92m x 1.15m x1.05m
Forest friendly and sustainably sourced (Learn more here)
These guys are all hand stacked in wooden crates so they’re jam-packed with woody goodness
Logs are pretty reliably 25cm long but the diameter is somewhere between 7-14cm
We keep the moisture levels around 15% or less for perfect burning
Works in your stove or open fires, even outdoors
Damp logs make a sad fire, keep them somewhere dry for happy crackling
Deliveries can be a little tricky if you have a gravel drive or cattle grates, drop us a call and we’ll talk you through it

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Latvian Birch

Crate, 1 Tonne Bag, 2 Tonne Bags, 3 Tonne Bags

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