Welcome to Kenny Fuels – lubricant suppliers for clients in Wexford and Wicklow. Our range of products covers several markets and applications, including commercial, agricultural, automotive and industrial. 

Choose from our vast selection of hydraulic oils, gear oils, greases, Exol Lubricants, commercial lubricants and agricultural lubricants. Since each of these markets has different lubrication requirements, we offer industry-specific products to assure that your machinery operates in the most efficient manner possible.

Feel free to jump on a call with one of our team if you have any queries regarding which product is best for you. We can guarantee you’ll find the product you’re looking for online here, just a click away from being delivered directly to your door.

Cheap Exol Lubricant Prices

One of the most popular brands of lubricant with our customers is Exol, which we can get for you at incredible prices. Exol products are among some of the highest quality lubricants out there and contribute to the proper upkeep of your machinery.

All the lubricant products we offer are designed to help your machinery run more smoothly, for longer & more efficiently. This helps contribute to the day-to-day running of operations but also lets you get you the most value out of the vehicles and equipment you’ve invested so much in.