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Solid Fuel

Solid Fuel: A Warm and Reliable Choice

Solid fuel has been used for centuries to heat homes and businesses. It is a reliable and efficient source of energy that can be used in a variety of applications. Solid fuel is a more popular heating choice today than ever, as people are looking for more affordable ways to heat their homes. Minimum order to Dublin €250

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Here at Kenny Fuels we offer a wide variety of solid fuels, including smokeless coal, hardwood, softwood, and briquettes. We also do fantastic bulk deals on these products. Whether you’re looking for fuel to heat your home, business, or industrial process, we have the right fuel for you. Browse our selection of solid fuel today and find the perfect fuel for your needs.

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What is Solid Fuel?

Solid fuel is any type of fuel that is in a solid state. This includes smokeless coal, hardwood, softwood and briquettes. Solid fuel is burned to release heat, which can be used to warm homes and businesses, generate electricity, and power industrial processes.

At Kenny Fuels, we have been warming homes and businesses across Ireland for over five years, and we’ve become leading providers of solid fuel in this short time.

Benefits of Solid Fuel to Heat Your Home

Solid fuel offers many benefits, including:

  • Reliability: Solid fuel is a reliable source of energy that is not affected by power outages or other disruptions.
  • Affordability: Solid fuel is often more affordable than other energy sources, such as natural gas and electricity.
  • Sustainability: Solid fuel can be produced from sustainable sources, such as wood and biomass.
  • Efficiency: Solid fuel is a very efficient source of energy, meaning that you can get more heat from less fuel.

Types of Solid Fuel

There are a variety of different types of solid fuel available, each with its own unique benefits. Some of the most common types of solid fuel include:

  • Smokeless Coal: Smokeless coal is a type of solid fuel that burns with little or no smoke. It is made from anthracite, which is the highest-grade coal. Anthracite has a very high carbon content and low volatile matter, which means that it burns cleanly and efficiently, and complies with smokeless fuel regulations.
  • Hard Wood: Wood is a renewable source of energy that is relatively clean-burning. It is also a versatile fuel that can be used in various appliances, including fireplaces, wood stoves, and pellet boilers.
  • Soft Wood: Softwood is a type of wood that comes from evergreen trees, such as pine, spruce, and fir. Softwood is easier to split and season than hardwood, which makes it a popular choice for firewood. It is also easy to ignite and burns quickly and is relatively inexpensive, making it an ideal choice for heating homes.
  • Briquettes: Briquettes are a type of solid fuel that is made by compressing biomass materials into a solid block. Biomass materials include wood chips, sawdust, agricultural waste, and even municipal solid waste. Briquettes are a clean burning fuel, are easy to store, and contain a lot of heating energy for a small product.
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