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Easy Gas

Rent Free Easy Gas | Speedy Delivery

At Kenny Fuels we supply rent free easy gas to the likes of mechanics, welders and engineering companies. Our portable easy gas is delivered straight to your door as soon as the same day. If we cannot deliver on the same day, it will be with you within 1-2 days. We pride ourselves on our exemplary service to our customers.

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What is Easy Gas?

Easy Gas is a brand name, providing portable and rent free cylinder gas. We have Easy Gas available in the following cylinders:

Argon – €75 + Vat

Enermix 5 – €49 + Vat

Oxygen – €49 +Vat

Brew 7030 Beer Gas – €82 + Vat

Argon Easy Gas

Argon Easy Gas is commonly used for TIG welding applications, but can also be used on an MIG welder for aluminium. Argon Easy Gas is used for a variety of welding applications, such as vehicles and alloys, aircraft and farm machinery. At Kenny Fuels we provide an easy to order and use Easy Gas service, and unbeatable prices.

Argon Easy Gas – From €104.55

Enermix 5 Easy Gas

Enermix 5 is used for MIG welding applications of a thinner nature. Examples of this would be sheet metal and thin car body parts. At Kenny Fuels we pride ourselves on supplying the purest forms of Enermix 5 Easy Gas.

Enermix 5 Easy Gas – From €86.10

Oxygen Easy Gas

Industrial grade oxygen is commonly used with a fuel gas for cutting, welding, brazing and soldering as it supports combustion and gives a much higher flame temperature than if air was used.

Oxygen – From €73.80

Brew 7030 Beer Gas

Our Brew 7030 gas provides a cost-effective beer gas solution for your home bar or business. Our superior beer gas solutions can help to improve the taste, extend the life of draught beers and improve the overall presentation of beer.

Brew 7030 Beer Gas – From €105

Why Buy Your Easy Gas From Kenny Fuels?

Rent Free Affordable Easy Gas

We keep a careful eye on the market to ensure that we are always providing the best prices for our customers, that’s why we’re able to supply you with low-cost Easy Gas, available in various volumes for your specific needs.

Online Orders

We have a 24/7 online ordering system for your Easy Gas needs. If you prefer to order via telephone then you can call us (053) 937 2765. We’re always happy to help.

Speedy Delivery

We offer free delivery on orders over 100€ and we can usually deliver this on the same day. Where a same-day delivery is not possible, we will ensure you receive it within 1-2 days.

Local Delivery

We deliver Easy Gas to Wexford, Wicklow, Carlow and surrounding areas.

Customer Reviews

We impress our customers so much that we regularly receive brilliant reviews. Our excellent customer reviews are based on our fantastic customer service, our efficient delivery service and our unbeatable Easy Gas prices.

Please ensure you always have a functioning carbon monoxide detector around any gas-burning equipment.

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