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Cheap Home Heating Oil in Wexford & Wickow

17 Jul 2023

What Is the Difference Between Heating Oil and Kerosene?

Whether it’s cooking, heating or running machinery, we need different fuels for different needs. Choosing Fuel is an essential resource […]

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Types of Fuels
10 Jul 2023

The Difference Types of Fuels and What They’re Used For

Fuel plays a vital role in our everyday lives. We use fuel for heating, cooking, electricity, and vehicles. Fuel is […]

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03 Jul 2023

The Common Heating Oil Myths Dispelled

Heating oil keeps our homes warm and has been used for commercial purposes for around 100 years. The oil is […]

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Coyle Coals
19 Jun 2023

What is the best smokeless coal for open fires?

When it comes to heating homes and creating a cozy ambiance, open fireplaces hold a special place. There are so […]

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12 Jun 2023

The best firewood for Pizza

Picture yourself in a rustic pizzeria, the aroma of freshly baked pizza wafting through the air. But have you ever […]

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Kenny Fuels New Truck Back view
05 Jun 2023

Comparing Home Heating Oil vs. Propane Gas: Which Is the Better Option?

Home heating has seen many changes in preferences among users in the past few years. From heating machines, techniques, and […]

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22 May 2023

Kiln Dried Firewood vs Briquettes- which is best for your home

Introduction When it comes to heating your home or cozy ambiance for your space, choosing the best fuel is essential. […]

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Kenny Fuels New Truck Back angled view
15 May 2023

How to Properly Store and Maintain Kerosene for Longevity

Managing resources is a crucial aspect of prepping. It’s more than just stockpiling and strong items. While a well-selected supply […]

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Home Heating Oil
05 May 2023

Guide to Buying Home Heating Oil

Home heating oil is essential for places in the UK like Wexford where temperatures can drop below mercury levels. And […]

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24 Apr 2023

The Overall Benefits of Using Kerosene as a Heating Fuel

Fuel is a crucial component of our daily lives, necessary for heating homes and powering our vehicles. However, balancing the […]

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Kenny Fuels New Truck side view
17 Apr 2023

10 Tips To Monitor Your Domestic Heating Oil Consumption

Heating oil is an important commodity especially in cold places. It is a petroleum-based product used for generating heat and […]

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propane gas cylinder
07 Apr 2023

Propane VS Butane – Their Similarities and Differences

Propane and butane are two gases that are strikingly similar to each other yet considerably different. Often, one is used […]

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17 Mar 2023

5 Reasons Why Peat Briquettes are the Perfect Fit for You

Peat briquettes have been used as a heating source for many years in various parts of the world. They are […]

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09 Mar 2023

Smokeless Coal for Home Heating: A Cleaner and Greener Alternative

Switching to eco-friendly sources of fuel is the need of the hour. Using fossil fuels for energy production releases harmful […]

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01 Mar 2023

The Chemistry of Kerosene and Green Diesel- Similarities and Differences

Kerosene (heating oil) and green diesel (sulphur free gas oil) are two common types of fuel that are derived from […]

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Stay on the Road to Savings: 3 Practical Tips to Avoid Extra Fuel Charges
23 Feb 2023

Stay on the Road to Savings: 3 Practical Tips to Avoid Extra Fuel Charges

Are you tired of seeing your fuel expenses skyrocket every time you refill your gas bottles? It can be frustrating […]

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Fuel Your Backyard Fun With Propane
16 Feb 2023

Fuel Your Backyard Fun With Propane

As the frosty grip of winter slowly loosens its hold on us, and the soft breeze of spring rejuvenates our […]

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Kenny Fuels New Truck Back view
09 Feb 2023

Why We Are The Most Trusted Supplier Of Home Heating Oil In Wexford & Wicklow

Are all companies dealing in domestic heating oil identical? The answer is no, and here’s why. Different companies may be […]

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11 Aug 2022

How to Prepare and Stay Warm this Upcoming Winter

As is no surprise to those following the news, the country has no gas storage on hand making Ireland one […]

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20 Jul 2022

Why Gas And Fuel Prices Are Rising Globally

Different events around the world have affected fuel prices across the globe. From June 2022, Ireland has seen an average […]

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lit up lightbulb
01 May 2022

Seasonal Energy Saving Tips For Your Home

Energy saving tips are wanted by everybody, regardless of what job you might have or how big your house is. […]

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1 euro coin
01 Apr 2022

The Rising Energy Price Crisis – How You Can Save On Fuel And Energy

Recent events taking place around the world has affected fuel and energy prices across the globe, with Ireland included. According […]

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