Go Tank 400 AdBlue

This Go Tank is a 400L AdBlue mobile tank which is ideal for safely storing and transporting AdBlue. It is fitted complete with pumping equipment including a 12 volt 34 litre per minute pump, dispensing hose & nozzle making it the perfect solution for filling up on the go.

It is designed to fit in the rear of most commercial vehicles such as pick ups, jeeps, crew cabs, vans etc. and can easily be strapped down without the need for unstrapping to open the lid to access the pumping equipment. As well as this it also has integrated forklift friendly sleeves so you can easily move it around with a telehandler, forklift or pallet truck.

Go Tank 400 AdBlue comes as standard with
12 volt 34L/Min Piusi pump
Crocodile clip battery leads
4 metre delivery hose
Manual nozzle
Lockable cover to provide protection from the elements
Groves to prevent straps from moving with tied down
Forklift friendly sleeves
2 inch fill port
built in breather
Dimensions 800mm width x 700mm height x 1050mm length
The Go Tank 400 AdBlue is made from plastic, making it very durable and lightweight when empty. The weight of the tank when empty comes in at just 48kg. This allows for it to be moved without the need of a forklift when empty. Its lockable cover is to ensure protection from the elements while ensuring everything is stored away in a clean environment.

The 12v pump can be connected to a stand alone 12v power supply or directly to a car, jeep, tractor or van battery so it can be used anywhere and anytime without the need for mains power.

Additional Extras

We can also fit a digital K24 flow meter or an automatic shut off nozzle upon request

We have a range of larger AdBlue tanks for high capacity storage as well as smaller Go Tanks, why not browse our range here

for more technical information on the specification of the PIUSI pump click here

***This product is only available in the Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland***

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