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The Rising Energy Price Crisis – How You Can Save On Fuel And Energy

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Recent events taking place around the world has affected fuel and energy prices across the globe, with Ireland included. According to, the price of petrol at filling stations within Dublin’s Merrion Road range from 199.9 cent to 204.9 cent on March, with a petrol station in Douglas, County Cork charging 199 cent per litre in the same month.

The rise in prices for fuel is incredible, but unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there.

Electric Ireland, the third largest energy supplier in Northern Ireland has also announced that it will increase its prices by 30% from May, meaning that residents should expect their electricity bill to increase approximately 5.08 euros. 

With this in mind, the outcry among residents paying more for electricity and fuel is understandable, as the increase is significant enough for most people to require a change in their lifestyle.

Kenny Fuels have found a diverse range of methods to ensure that you keep your energy bill and fuel spending at a lower price in response to the sudden increase in prices. We understand the necessity of these commodities, and being able to afford them is likely the one of the most important things to achieve at this moment. 


How To Save On Fuel Costs 

If you find yourself wincing at the current average prices for fuel per litre in your local gas station, these tips will help you save money on fuel costs for the foreseeable future.


Remove Unnecessary Weight in your Car.

Check your car’s trunk and interior space for any unnecessary items that might be adding some weight to your car. According to MotoEasy’s Duncan McClure Fisher, an “extra 50kg in a vehicle reduces miles per gallon by up to 2%” meaning that weight can add to the actual performance of your vehicle, as well as fuel consumption. 

So let’s say that you have a couple of golf clubs stored in your trunk. From the weight alone, these clubs can cost you around £5 per week for fuel, which can add up if you keep them there long enough.

Our Tip: Simply remove all unnecessary items in your car that you don’t need during that day’s drive. 


Check your Tyre Pressure 

The more you use your vehicle, the more you wear out your tyres (depending on the distance and weight of your car). As tyres naturally lose air, checking your tyre pressure regularly can help you preserve your fuel for a longer period, as pumped-up tyres can help with your vehicle’s performance, as well as help your car drive farther more efficiently. 

Our Tip: Check your tyre’s status every 2 to 3 weeks and ensure that the pressure is at an optimal level.


Skipping Gears

Skipping gears is an optimal method that allows your car to become more fuel-efficient. Doing this technique correctly can often save you a significant amount of fuel when driving your car, so mastering this method is key to ensuring that you save as much fuel as you can when driving long distances.

Our Tip: Be aware of which gears are okay to skip through and which gears to stay with when driving. According to Fixing Engines, skipping the 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear right onto the 4th gear is better for increasing fuel economy. The increase in speed means you’ll be able to reduce the amount of time it takes to accelerate, hence saving fuel consumption.


Choose the Right Petrol Station 

While choosing the cheapest petrol station is always ideal, choosing one to the point where you drive around for longer periods becomes a false economy. Comparing current fuel prices within your local fuelling stations is possibly the best course of action if you don’t already buy fuel when shopping for groceries. 

Our Tip: Take the time once every month or so to see the cheapest option for fuel. Supermarket fuel is commonly a few euros cheaper than petrol stations so it might be better to check there!


Ways To Reduce Energy Bills

Whether you’re a homeowner, a renter, student or live with your parents, there lots of benefits in finding ways to reduce electric consumption – the most obvious advantage being a cheaper electricity bill at the end of every month. 

Below are some of the most effective ways to save on your electricity bill. 


Opt for Energy Efficient Appliances

Energy efficient appliances are house items that are manufactured to reduce electrical consumption, while delivering maximised efficiency depending on the items. These appliances can also help you save money, as well as enhance your lifestyle and protect the environment. 

Aside from these wonderful benefits, the main attraction from these energy efficient appliances is their ability to reduce your energy bills. 

Our Tip: Simple. Think about replacing some of your household appliances with energy efficient ones. They will be better for performance on a long-term basis, while also helping you save on your electricity bill.


Ensure Your Home Is Properly Insulated

A properly insulated home can retain heat effectively, making harsh winters much easier and cheaper for many home owners or renters living in very cold climates.  

Wall insulation helps with heat lost that can escape through your walls, and with proper cavity wall insulation, you can save energy and cut costs off your heating or electricity bill depending on the type of heater you have at home.

Our Tip: Installing proper insulation is an effective way to retain heat for your home, so we highly recommend doing this if your home or property does not have this type of feature within your building. If you are renting from a private landlord, you can ask for insulation to be installed, neither you or your landlord will regret it.


Choose Eco-Modes For Your Electronics

Most, if not all electronics such as TVs, mobile phones and video game consoles usually have an eco-mode or “power” mode that makes them turn off when they’re not in use. 

This is a great way to allow those that often leave their electronics on. We all often forget to leave them running when we take a nap, go take a shower and so on, so this “mode” can usually save us a lot of electricity in the long run. 

Our Tip: Your phone usually has a mode like this, like with iPhones they commonly have “power-saver” modes, which allows your phone to save battery by lowering certain features, so it’s best to start there.


LED Lights Go A Long Way

LED lights are one of the most energy-efficient and rapidly-developing lighting technologies that creates longer-lasting lights for your homes. High-quality light bulbs shine brighter, but uses more electricity, while high-grade LED light bulbs are more durable, last longer and offer better light quality than other types of lighting. 

Our Tip: Create a better lighting environment for your home by replacing all lighting fixtures with LED lights!

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