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Waste Oil Tanks

It is a legal requirement to ensure all oil waste is stored safely and securely. Our bunded oil tanks at Kenny Fuels are designed to collect and store used oils safely. They are fully bunded and exceed the most demanding Irish, British and European waste oil storage requirements. Our waste oil tanks are made from recyclable polyethylene and can store various types of used oils such as oil, lubricants and other liquids. Shop our waste oil tanks below and place your order online today!

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Bunded Waste Oil Tanks For Commercial Premises

Managing waste oil responsibly isn’t just an option for commercial premises – it’s a legal and environmental obligation. Whether you’re running the management of large agricultural land, the owner of an auto repair shop, or any other business generating used oil, having the right waste oil tank is essential.


At Kenny Fuels we have three different sizes of waste oil tanks in stock for you to choose from. We have:



These waste oil tanks are compliant with EN13341 standards, approved by OFCERT and are manufactured according to ISO standards.


All of our waste oil tanks come with a 10-year warranty against defects in manufacturing, material, and design for all our bunded waste oil tanks.


Why Buy Your Waste Oil Tanks With Kenny Fuels?


Online Orders

We have a 24/7 online ordering system for your convenience. If you prefer to order via telephone then you can call us (053) 937 2765. We’re always happy to help.

Speedy Delivery

We offer free delivery on orders over 100€ and we can usually deliver this on the same day. Where a same-day delivery is not possible, we will ensure you receive it within 1-2 days. 


We can deliver waste oil tanks to County Wexford, Wicklow and Carlow.

Customer Reviews

We impress our customers so much that we regularly receive brilliant reviews. Our excellent customer reviews are based on our fantastic customer service, our efficient delivery service and our unbeatable prices.


FAQs About Waste Oil Tanks


What is a waste oil tank? And what is it used for?

A waste oil tank is a specifically designed container for the safe and secure storage of used oil, primarily from vehicles, machinery, and industrial processes.


What size waste oil tank do I need?

The size depends on how much oil you generate per week/month and future growth expectations.


Are waste oil tanks legal?

Yes, but they must comply with local regulations, so check before purchase. As above, all of our oil waste tanks are compliant with EN13341 standards, approved by OFCERT and are manufactured according to ISO standards.


Where can I place a waste oil tank? 

Regulations dictate minimum distances from buildings, property lines, and water sources


Do waste oil tanks leak?

Our bunded waste oil tanks have been specially designed for the safe, secure, and environmentally responsible collection and storage of used oils. They are fully bunded and engineered to exceed the toughest Irish, British, and European waste oil storage requirements. Made of premium-quality recyclable polyethylene, they are UV stabilised and resistant to corrosion and rotting.


What are bunds and do I need one? 

Bunds are secondary containment areas around the waste oil tank. Some regions mandate them, while others recommend them for added safety. All of our oil waste tanks are fully bunded.


Remember: Responsible waste oil management is not just good practice, it’s the law. Make the right choice and protect your business with a reliable and compliant waste oil tank from Kenny Fuels today!

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