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What is the best smokeless coal for open fires?

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When it comes to heating homes and creating a cozy ambiance, open fireplaces hold a special place.

There are so many options available when buying fuel for open fires. There is so much to take into consideration like the heat concentration, flame type, residual ash, and of course the cost.

However traditional coal used in open fires releases smoke and harmful gases.

That is where Smokeless Coal comes into the picture.

It is just like your traditional coal but much safer and environmentally friendly and can be used for open fires and it actually burns quite efficiently in open fires your fireplaces.

To help you find the best coal, we have put together this guide to the best fuel option available

Advantages of using coal:

People see this as a poor substitute for traditional coal, but it has some advantages-

  1. Heat Output and Efficiency :

One of the main advantages of it is how efficiently it burns. Heat output plays a vital role in ensuring your open fire provides sufficient warmth. It is known for its high heat output and efficiency. And it also provides consistent heat, ensuring your open fire remains warm and cozy throughout.

  1. Emissions and Environmental Impact:

It produces lower emissions compared to traditional coal, making it a cleaner and more environmentally friendly option. Using this helps reduce air pollution and contributes to better air quality.

Smokeless coal as you might expect gives off a vastly reduced amount of smoke during the combustion process. Compared to traditional coal which produces harmful smoke emissions, It gives 80% less gas and CO2 when burned, it is gentle on the environment without compromising its performance.

  1. Longevity and Burn Time:

Different coal varieties offer varying burn times and longevity. Consider the duration you require the fire to burn to choose the right coal.

Longer burn time enhances convenience, reducing the need for frequent refueling and maintaining a consistent heat source.

It produces a higher heat output and last longer than any fuel.

  1. Price and Availability:

The cost of this coal varies depending on the brand and type. Consider your budget when selecting the best coal for your open fire. Evaluate the availability of various coal options in your area to ensure a convenient and reliable supply.

Types of Smokeless Coal for Open Fires:

  • Anthracite Coal:

Anthracite coal is widely regarded as one of the best options for open fires. It offers exceptional heat output and a long burn time, making it suitable for those seeking intense and sustained warmth. Anthracite coal is known for its high carbon content and low sulfur content, which contribute to its clean-burning properties and reduced emissions.

  • Homefire Ovals:

Homefire Ovals is a popular choice for open fires due to their consistent heat output and clean-burning nature. These coal briquettes are specially designed to provide efficient heat and minimize smoke and emissions. Homefire Ovals have received positive customer reviews for their performance in open fires, making them a reliable option for a cozy and environmentally friendly fire experience.

  • Glo Therm:

Glo Therm is a coal variety that combines high-quality anthracite coal with petroleum coke. It offers excellent heat output and a clean-burning performance, making it suitable for open fires. Glo Therm provides efficient warmth and reduced emissions, ensuring a cozy and environmentally conscious fire. If you are looking for smokeless coal, look no further than Coyle Coals!

  • Country Blend:

Country Blend is a coal blend that typically consists of anthracite coal, petroleum coke, and other natural additives. It offers a balance between heat output, burn time, and price. Country Blend is a versatile option suitable for open fires, providing reliable warmth and a clean-burning experience. They are an economical choice for open fires, providing warmth and convenience.

  • Peat Briquettes:

Peat briquettes are an alternative derived from compressed peat, a natural fuel source. They offer a pleasant aroma and a steady heat output. Peat briquettes are known for their long burn time and are often favored for their eco-friendly characteristics. It is also known for its consistency and low ash content, making it convenient for open fires.

Final Thoughts:

Now that you know a little bit about cleaner coal. With all the benefits, from the high heat output to the long burning time, it solves all your fuel needs. When choosing the for open fire you have many options, and each offers a variety of benefits.

Evaluate your specific needs, preferences, and availability to make an informed decision that ensures a clean, efficient, and cozy fire experience in your home.

Are you ready to upgrade your open-fire experience with the best smokeless coal? Look no further than Kenny Fuels’ Coyle Coals! Explore our website or contact us today to explore our wide range of high-quality smokeless coal options.



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