Smokeless coal is an excellent option for those of you who need fuel for open fires, room heaters or multi-fuel stoves, but don’t want the nasty byproduct – smoke -that comes with burning regular house coal.

If you’re one of those people, we have different varieties of smokeless coal available for you to buy online at great prices. We also provide a next day delivery service for customers in the Wexford and Wicklow areas, so just choose how much you want and we’ll take care of the rest!

Best Smokeless Coal Available

When it comes to smokeless coal, quality is very important and we only settle for the best products for our customers. We only stock the best smokeless coal on the market and have numerous different brands for you to choose from. 

Take your pick from Coyle Country Blend, Coyle Therm Glo, Lignite Nuggets or Stafford Country Blend. The price of our smokeless coal ranges from €15 – €21 depending on how much and which brand you decide you want

How is Smokeless Coal Made?

Anyone who is used to using the traditional house coals we have on offer may have often wondered ‘what is smokeless made from?. The answer to that is anthracite –  a very similar base material to normal coal, but without the usual contaminants like sulfur, making it a much purer carbon. 

The anthracite is then crushed and ground down into a powder, mixed with a smokeless binding agent and re-made into briquettes. Smokeless coal is far more versatile when this process is applied to and can be used in several different appliances as a result.