Here at Kenny Fuels, we supply butane, calor and propane gas cylinders & bottles to the customers in the Wexford and Wicklow area. You can buy butane gas cylinders in 7kg, and calor & propane gas bottles & cylinders in  5kg, 10kg, 34kg and 47kg– ideal for both the patio and indoors.

All of our gas bottles & cylinders are available to order online and delivered to your doorstep. They suit a range of applications, including cooking, heating, tumble drying, gas fires and mobile heating devices.

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Cheap Gas Cylinder Prices

Our customers are important to us, so we strive to provide the highest quality gas cylinders at the lowest possible prices so you can stay warm in the winter. We stock a range of gas cylinders ranging from €26 to €149 depending on the type of gas and size.

We’ve made a commitment to creating as little waste as possible too, so we recycle all our gas bottles. For this reason, we ask that you provide your old empty cylinder upon the delivery of your new one or you will incur a €30 new cylinder fee for small cylinders or €60 for large.

Fast & Reliable Gas Delivery in Wexford and South Wicklow only

If you’ve been thinking ‘where can I find a company that provides gas delivery near me?’, then look no further. You’ve come to the right place. We provide a next day delivery service for gas cylinders in Wexford. The speed of our delivery service is one of the things our customers appreciate most about us. Just look in the testimonial section to your right to read some of the comments about it.


Where do we deliver?

We deliver the same day (or the next day, depending on the time of order) to customers based in Wexford and South Wicklow. We also offer collection for those outside the area.

What is an LGP gas bottle?

LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas), also known as propane, is a pressurised hydrocarbon gas in a liquid form, often used for heating, cookers, barbecues and vehicles. Due to its low boiling point, it needs to stay in pressurised bottles and cylinders to prevent it from turning back to gas at room temperature. There are two different types of LPG: propane, which has a lower boiling temperature of -42ºC and butane, which has a higher boiler temperature of -2ºC.

How long does 5kg of propane last for?

The length of time will depend on its usage. In a cabinet heater using 4.2kw/h, 5kg of propane will last around 16 hours. In a patio heater, 5kg of propane will last around 7 hours. You should only turn on the gas when needed, such as hot water for a shower. For heating your home, heating oil is more cost-effective.

Use our cost calculator to work out your oil price estimation.