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1350 Litre Fuel Point – Premium

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The 1350L Bunded Diesel Fuel Point tank for easy refueling of vehicles and machinery on your premises.

Lots included with this tank if you read equipment included below.

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The 1350 Litre Bunded Diesel Fuel Point tank offers forecourt-style refueling with a bunded tank and filtration system, enabling easy refueling of vehicles and machinery on your premises. Our Fuel Points are also compatible with HVO.



  • Tank Height: 1570mm
  • Tank Diameter: 1372mm
  • Tank Weight: 108Kg
  • Nominal Capacity: 1309 Litres
  • Brimful Capacity: 1374 Litres
  • Inlet Diameter: 50.8mm (2″)
  • Flow Rate: 56 Litres Per Minute
  • *Note: Nominal capacity represents 95% of brimful volume as per EN 13341.



  • Our Bunded Fuel Points are UV stabilized to protect against sunlight damage
  • They are manufactured using high-quality, corrosion-resistant material
  • The Fuel Points are compliant with EN13341 standards
  • They are approved by OFCERT
  • Manufactured according to ISO standards
  • Supplied with a 10-year conditional warranty against manufacturing, material, and design defects.


Equipment Included       

  • Diesel-resistant suction pipe with mesh strainer included
  • Non-return valve installed
  • Comes with a 56 LPM 230v AC fuel pump
  • Includes a 5m fuel-resistant delivery hose
  • Features a Hydrosorb 10-micron integrated water/particulate filter
  • Equipped with a forecourt standard (24mm) trigger nozzle with automatic shut off
  • Lockable inspection points provided
  • 50.8mm (2″) fill point is lockable
  • Lockable equipment access
  • Overfill Equipment Device included

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1350 litre Fuel Point – Premium

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