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Coyle’s Eco Therm


Pet coke & ovoid mix which provides high heat at an economy price. Ideal for Open Fires & Closed Appliances.

– 40KG Bag


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  • 50/50 mixture of ovoids & pet coke
  • Burns excellent in an open fire
  • Clean, consistent and warm fuel
  • Low ash content, little residual ash
  • Good value for money
  • Ideal for open fires, closed appliances & cookers
  • Similar to country blend except no nuggets in this coal
  • Coyle’s Eco Therm has larger pieces of Pet coke, which lasts slightly longer than the smaller pieces.
  • This blend is a mixture of Manufactured Pet Coke and Ovoids mixed together.
  • Eco Therm provides a great high heat level at an economy price.
  • This is a product that is suitable for both open fires and closed appliance eg. stoves, etc.
  • Pet Coke product which gives very high heat output mixed with a manufactured smokeless fuel in a Ovoid oval shape.
  • Top of the range smokeless fuel.
  • Complies with smokeless regulations.

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