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Ewe & Lamb Nuts

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Ewe and Lamb Cube 19%

This is a 19% cube with all the delicious attributes of our ration but cubed for those of you who prefer to feed a nut.

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Ewe and Lamb 19%

This is a 19% cube with al the delicious attributes of our ration but cubed for those of you who prefer to feed a nut

  • This nut can be fed both pre and post lambing if desired and is an essential feed if lambing in the winter months.
  • Its inclusion of Vitagest will ensure that the ewe gets adequate intakes of selenium and Vitamin E, vital for lamb vigour and the reproductive cycle.
  • The energy in this cube is delivered from maize and native cereals which will help maintain body condition score post lambing once complimented with high quality forages.
  • Its high protein content is made up of only top quality ingredients including Soya Bean and digestible fibres to help prevent any pre-lambing upsets.
  • The addition of Cal Mag aids in the prevention of grass tetany when ewes are let out of the grass after lambing.
  • The cube also contains full rate minerals in addition to the Vitagest

The Importance of VITAGEST

Vitagest is organic selenium with enhanced vitamin E that’s blended together in a pre-mix and included in our Ewe & Lamb ration and cube.

Minerals play a very important role in a ewe’s diet, especially during pregnancy when their requirements increase for some minerals. The inclusion of enhanced vitamin E and selenium ensures:

  • Increased lamb vigour
  • Lamb stand and suckle earlier
  • Increased vitamin E in colostrum helps increase immunity
  • Lamb mortality rate decreases
  • Plays a preventative role against mastitis
  • Increased reproductive performance

Independent trials carried out in University College Dublin (UCD) have shown that feeding organic selenium plays a vital role in the above mentioned characteristics. This trial also shows lamb growth rates improved by 6.5% and weighed 2kgs heavier at 15 weeks of age.

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