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Pallet of Shavings (36 bags)


Shavings are the perfect solution for animal bedding e.g. Horses, Chickens, Dogs, Livestock etc.

Dust free so they are perfect to keep allergies at a minimum.

Excellent absorbency!

We have included a picture below so you can see exactly what comes in our shavings bags.

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Shavings are the perfect way to bed your animals.

  • Highly Absorbent
  • Dust Free
  • Protection from Bacteria and Disease
  • 20kg Approx
  • Freshness
  • Cleanliness
  • Excellent Absorbency

Key features of  Shavings:

-Freshness: The shavings are sourced and processed to maintain maximum freshness, ensuring a comfortable environment for your livestock.

-Dust-Free: The shavings are carefully processed to eliminate dust particles, keeping your barn stable clean and healthy.

-Absorbency:  Shavings are highly absorbent, efficiently soaking up dirt and liquids to keep your animals dry and comfortable.

-Protection from Bacteria and Disease: Clean and dry bedding is crucial for preventing the spread of bacteria and diseases among livestock. The shavings provide a hygienic environment, helping to safeguard the health of your animals.

Perfect animal bedding for Horses/ Equine, Chickens, Dogs, Livestock etc.




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Weight 700 kg


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