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10 Tips To Monitor Your Domestic Heating Oil Consumption

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Heating oil is an important commodity especially in cold places. It is a petroleum-based product used for generating heat and is commonly used in furnaces or certain different types of engines and generators. Be it expensive oil or cheap oil wexford, people have always looked for a way to monitor their oil consumption.

People consume heating oil on a consistent rate but sometimes, these rates can climb up without your knowledge and you might be surprised to find out your total heating oil expenditure. Take a look at some easy and common methods that you can follow to monitor your domestic heat oil consumption

Keep track of your heating oil deliveries

By recording the date of each delivery and the amount of oil you receive; you can estimate how much oil you’re using and when you will need to order more. Doing this will also give you an idea of the consumption rate as you can understand what speed the oil is being consumed when you go through your records.

For example, if you’re receiving your delivery of the best quality cheap oil wexford from us, always be sure to write it down or note it down for future reference.

Check your oil tank regularly

Regularly checking your oil tank can help prevent overfilling or unexpectedly running out of oil. Check your oil tank frequently to know your oil levels and how much is remaining in the storages, as doing this will give you a basic idea about the rate at which oil is being used.

Checking your tank regularly also helps to keep you aware of problems and issues such as leakage or other problems, which makes the regular checking of oil tanks very important.

Use a dipstick

Using a dipstick is a fairly easy method of measuring the amount of oil stored in your storages.
Just open your storage unit and dip a dipstick all the way down to the bottom. Be sure to not tilt the stick as this can give inaccurate readings.

You don’t need to spend a lot for dipsticks, they’re cheap. Get your hands on a dipstick and use good quality cheap oil wicklow to reduce expenses. Dipsticks are affordable, easy to use and are marked for reading oil levels easily.

Upgrade your furnace

Outdated machines are a strict no when it comes to heating and similar applications. Always be sure to keep your furnace/heating systems up to date and never compromise on maintenance. Older furnaces are more prone to leaks, breakdowns, meltdowns and a handful of other mishaps that anyone would want to step past, as worn-out furnaces are lesser efficient overall as well.
Some say expensive heating oil prevents inefficient oil usage. Reality is it doesn’t matter if you use expensive oil or cheap oil wexford, a faulty and outdated furnace will often times waste more oil than efficiently use every last drop.
Most new models of furnaces let you easily monitor oil levels while it is difficult to monitor your oil consumption on an older device.

Use a sight glass

An oil sight glass is a transparent tube in a tank or reservoir that allows anyone to see what’s happening with the liquid inside the container. Sight glasses are cheap, effective and helpful when monitoring oil levels from a simple visual perspective. Using a fuel flow meter or a smart thermostat can give better and more accurate results.

Oil sight glasses are commonly used to monitor oil levels and can be used to monitor consumption rates as well by frequently checking how much oil is being used.

Use a float-operated level gauge

A float-operated level gauge is a device that is used to measure the level of liquids in a storage tank. It comprises of a float that is connected to a lever arm, which is then connected to a gauge. The float rises and falls with the level of the liquid in the tank, making the lever arm move while the gauge indicates the current levels of the liquid.

Install a fuel gauge

Provided by kenny fuels on our website.

A fuel gauge is an instrument used for reading oil levels inside your oil tank. It can accurately tell the amount of oil inside a storage reserve/unit and is widely used to monitor oil levels and storages. Installing a fuel gauge on your oil tank can provide a more accurate reading of your oil levels and provide you with more statistical and accurate data about your storages.
Fuel gauges are extremely helpful and come in wide industrial usage across the world.  They’ve become a necessity in the modern world for people who need extremely accurate readings of their oil levels. Use cheap oil wicklow with a fuel gauge installed to significantly reduce spending more on heating oil.

Invest in a smart thermostat reader

A smart thermostat is incredibly useful and versatile. It can monitor room temperature, calculate energy consumption and even accurately tell how much oil you have been using. Smart thermostats can be easily controlled using remotes and don’t require much knowledge or labour for operations.Investing in a smart thermostat might enhance your saving strategies.

Install in a fuel flow meter

Fuel flow meters are instruments designed specifically for one purpose – to monitor fuel consumption rates, accurately read oil levels and calculate your consumption rates in a short time. Fuel flow meters can notice how much fuel is flowing through is being consumed.

Installing a fuel flow meter will help you accurately know your fuel consumption rate directly without any external methods or processes.

Hire professionals for monitoring

Professional maintenance for furnaces and heating devices are always a good option if you intend to hire them. Professionals can repair your unit, optimize it for better and more efficient use and provide you with information such as electricity or fuel/oil consumption rates.
By hiring a professional, not only you’re ensuring the operation of your devices safely and smoothly, but are also getting accurate information and insights about your monthly expenditures.


There are a variety of ways through which oil consumption can be tracked and monitored. Though people have preferred easier ways, new technologies have now made it possible to effectively monitor fuel consumption through the use of various different machines or methods.

At Kenny Fuels, we supply cheap oil wicklow that’s also the best in quality and performance compared to other sources. With other suppliers demanding staggering costs for oil, we have made sure to keep it as less and cost-efficient as possible and ensured that our customers get a constant supply of reliable high-quality cheap oil wexford. Place your orders now.

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