What Is the Difference Between Heating Oil and Kerosene?

Heating Oil and Kerosene

Whether it’s cooking, heating or running machinery, we need different fuels for different needs. Choosing Fuel is an essential resource that powers various industries and keeps our homes warm. By understanding these fuels’ unique properties and applications, you can make informed decisions about which is best suited for specific purposes. In this blog, we will […]

The Difference Types of Fuels and What They’re Used For

Types of Fuels

Fuel plays a vital role in our everyday lives. We use fuel for heating, cooking, electricity, and vehicles. Fuel is always used in our day-to-day activities and can also be used for commercial purposes. However, with the multitude of fuel options available for heating oil in Wexford, it can be challenging to understand their differences […]

The Common Heating Oil Myths Dispelled

Gas Cylinders

Heating oil keeps our homes warm and has been used for commercial purposes for around 100 years. The oil is popular thanks to its affordability, availability, and safety. However, despite its widespread use, heating oil often falls victim to various myths and misconceptions. These misconceptions can lead homeowners to make uninformed decisions about their heating […]

Guide to Buying Home Heating Oil

Home Heating Oil

Home heating oil is essential for places in the UK like Wexford where temperatures can drop below mercury levels. And homes that utilize heating oil find it to be more effective and efficient than gas. However, there are various types of heating present, which can make choosing the best heating oil for you, very confusing. […]

10 Tips To Monitor Your Domestic Heating Oil Consumption

Kenny Fuels New Truck side view

Heating oil is an important commodity especially in cold places. It is a petroleum-based product used for generating heat and is commonly used in furnaces or certain different types of engines and generators. Be it expensive oil or cheap oil wexford, people have always looked for a way to monitor their oil consumption. People consume […]